Preparation / Pretreatment

We can pretreat and finish virtually any substrate including aluminium, steel and various plastics.

Vapour degreasing

We have two vapour degreasing tanks for the removal of grease and other contaminants.

Surtec 650v

Surtec 650 is not only recognised and approved by Qualicoat but also fulfils the requirements of MIL-DTL-81706-B & MIL-DTL-5541-F.  Surtec 650 is widely used in the metal pre-treatment, electronics and aerospace industries due to its low surface resistance and high corrosion protection properties.

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Grit Blasting

We have a walk-in grit blasting facility for blasting large items, along with two smaller blasting cabinets used for more intricate, detailed work with fine or glass bead blast media. Blasting can be used to remove existing coatings, scale, rust, weld flux and over contaminants to improve the lifetime of any subsequent coating. Areas such as machined bores and surfaces that do not require blasting can be masked off.

A variety of different blasting media is available to achieve different results.

These include:

  • Chilled Iron G07 (walk in blast facility)
  • Garnet 20/40 (1st small cabinet)
  • Bead 75/100 (2nd small cabinet)
  • Olivine 80 (vapour/water blaster)


Whether your end product is powder coated or wet sprayed chances are there will be areas that do not require a paint film, and therefore need masking. We keep a large variety of masking products in stock e.g. bungs, thread caps and masking discs to name but a few.

Also, if required we can source bespoke masking products to aid in finishing.

Hot zinc and other pretreatments

If necessary we can organise for your material to be Hot Zinc sprayed prior to powder coating.

If you require a specific pretreatment we do not offer such as non-hexavalent chromium we may be able to organise this on your behalf.